Voice over IP

voice over ip mve monaco

Have a telecom solution that can handle several hundred simultaneous calls. MVE manages your operator contracts as well as the maintenance of your telephone equipment.
All your calls go directly to your network before being routed outside through a high-speed connection.
Telephony server: we host your telephony server in one of our hosting centres and we take care of all or part of its maintenance.
Telephones: an automatic configuration system for your telephones and a web interface are available to you to add and manage your telephones.
Quality: make your calls in high definition (HD) and benefit from the quality of our service.

Functionalities : 

1. Reception number and queues : Personalize your telephone reception and put your callers on hold in case of multiple calls.
2. Ø Call group and call interception : A single number called makes several extensions ring.
3. Personalized music : Choose a custom ring tone or the music played when you put a caller on hold.
4. Phone book and speed dial : Your employees can call each other by dialling a 4-digit number or by consulting the directory shared between all the telephones.
5. Double call : You are notified directly on your phone if another call comes in and you have the option of picking up the call.
6. Call transfer and call forwarding : Configure your call forwarding from your phone, mobile application or web interface.
7. Conferences :Three-way conferencing from your phone or multi-conference using a dedicated number.


Proactive incident detection:
- Various supervision tools alert an engineer in the event of a malfunction on the network 

24/7 intervention:
- During business hours, the NOC Rentabiliweb Telecom deals with all incidents.
- During non-working hours, the Rentabiliweb on-call service takes over for major incidents.