Reputation recovery / GPDR

Reputation recovery / GPDR

Obtenez de précieux conseils et les clés de votre besoin pour la réalisation d’un projet de sécurisation

The services offered by an external consultant or consulting firm are as numerous as the multiple aspects and sectors found in companies. The services offered include, among others, diagnostic studies, strategic planning, organizational consulting, recruitment consulting, M&A consulting, human resources management, psycho-sociological missions, financial resource management, information systems, information and communication technologies, marketing, production, research and development of new products and services, process reengineering and optimization, ISO projects, analysis of the organizational environment, implementation of performance indicators, organizational restructuring, evaluation of customer and employee satisfaction, management and facilitation of change and turnaround of companies in difficulty. 

The choice to call upon a consultant rather than an internal resource is based on the advantages of having an element external to the company in the project and thanks to :

  •  Specialized expertise (e.g. mastery of an ISO standard)
  •  Objectivity
  • Confidentiality
  • Credibility in relation to the specific project(s)
  • Availability


Regulation No 2016/679, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is a European Union regulation that constitutes the reference text for the protection of personal data. It strengthens and unifies data protection for individuals within the European Union.

The main objectives of the DGMP are to increase both the protection of data subjects by processing their personal data and the empowerment of those involved in the processing. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the perimeters concerned within a company :

  • Website
  • Payroll
  • Continuity plan
  • List of partners
  • Access control to the premises
  • Canteen
  • Electronic banking
  • Video surveillance
  • Geolocation of vehicles
  • Work stations
  • Invoicing
  • Hiring (CV...)
  • Business development tools
  • Traceability of IT actions
  • Backup access management
  • Server Logs
  • Telephone exchange


Reputation Risk Management :

- Digital identity is all the information on the Internet that defines a legal entity or an individual.
- Only a small part of this information is managed by the person or entity concerned. (web communications, social networks, ...)
- The total amount of this information is nowadays an important market that represents many risks for reputation and privacy as well.
- Digital identity is the new identity card, as decisions are made in many areas. (commercial, financial, banking, ...)
- Abandoning the management and security of our digital identity cannot be accepted.

Digital Reputation Management Flow : 

MONITORING :  Is essential monitor constantly what the web link to the subject, only in this manner we can prevent in time problems like identity theft, fake news, homonymy. The banks too are going in this direction using tools that allow a quickly analysis of the client that ask for a bank service (create an account, request a loan, ...) the are different cases where a request is declined after a verify with these tools [World- Check]

ANALYSIS : Is of great importance the correct situation analysis for prevent and apply the correct procedures for a potential reputation recovery or for a correct preservation of the condition.

BUILDING The monitoring and analysis process take us to the “build phase”. After established the condition at the start up, the building phase’s activities can start to be put in place respecting the subject’s needs. In this phase is important try to apply a good mix between the injection of new content and the monitoring of the web response for all the time.