PASSI audit

Label de confiance PASSI AMSN

We support you in all phases of your activity of essential operators by carrying out as a preamble a diagnostic audit of the security of your information system.

Our audit services allows you:

• To evaluate the security level of your information system
• To determine the deviations from the standards
• To detect possible security breaches

They can relate to five areas:

Organizational and physical audit
It is an analysis of the organization of the security of your information systems with regard to the standards in effect and the regulations in your field of activity.

Penetration tests
The principle of penetration testing is to discover vulnerabilities in the information system and verify their usability and impact, under the real conditions of an attack, in a potential attacker place.

Architecture audit
It consists of verifying the conformity of hardware and software devices. It is effectively accompanied by penetration tests but can be done alone.

Configuration audit
This is the fact, for the auditor, to verify in accordance with the state of the art or specific audit requirements and rules, the security of the configurations of your equipments and servers. This audit is effectively accompanied by penetration tests but can be performed alone.

Source code audit
Analyzing the code of your applications in order to detect possible weaknesses. The source code audit must prevent information leaks and alterations in your information system.

MVE received the PASSI qualification by AMSN in July 2020.

Qualification PASSI MVE